Thanks be to God! September 27, 2023 has become a milestone in the 18-year history of Fountain of Love and Life, as we have successfully acquired a permanent home, an evangelization centre that will fuel a future Chinese Catholic evangelization movement. We sincerely thank all the supporters of FLL around the world, who have participated in and witnessed the miracle of Five Loaves and Two Fishes that Jesus Christ has performed for the evangelistic mission of Chinese Catholics.


The address is: 151 Placer Court, North York (Southwest corner of Victoria Park and McNicoll)


Our mailing address: 151 Placer Court, North York, ON M2H 3H9, Canada


We were able to complete the transaction with $7.3 million CAD raised and by borrowing $200,000 CAD. Our capital campaign website and all the donation options will continue to be available as we still need to raise funds to pay back the loans as well as for renovation costs.


Donations of $10,000 CAD and above will be recognized on the Donor Wall.

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Paul Yeung and his wife, Bonny, will go to Rome to attend the consistory held on September 30, at which Bishop Stephen Chow of the Diocese of Hong Kong and another 20 bishops will be installed cardinals. During this journey, they, on behalf of all the supporters of FLL, will offer the fruits of the united efforts of Chinese Catholics from around the world to God. Thank you again for your selfless giving! May God bless you and your family abundantly.


At the Thanksgiving Mass of the FLL Toronto “Walk with God” gathering at the Marylake Shrine held on September 23, Paul Yeung shared about the incredible and blessed journey of the capital campaign. We invite you to watch the video of his speech and be a witness of the marvellous deeds of God and the blessing He has bestowed on the Chinese community and FLL.

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Fountain of Love and Life New Home Capital Campaign
The Extraordinary Adventurers' Move

Over the past eighteen years, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) has accumulated valuable experience in media evangelization, faith formation, and apostolic training.

With teams established in Toronto, Vancouver, and Hong Kong, we strive to ignite the evangelistic zeal in lay faithful, cultivating an eagerness for  evangelization within the Church, nurturing evangelization leaders, and striving to build faith communities centered on evangelization.

These achievements are fruits of your support to our ministries and are evidence to the growing vision and responsibility that God has bestowed upon FLL. Starting as a platform for evangelization, we discerned and confirmed our path to become an evangelization community after 12 years. With continuous evolvement over these past 6 years, FLL has gradually become an evangelization movement today.

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Looking ahead, as FLL was established in Toronto, the local team plays a leading role, guiding the development in other places and shouldering the responsibility of promoting the evangelization movement. Therefore, we need to find a suitable place as our permanent home, allowing us to continue to grow in different aspects in the long run and pass on the mission that God has given us to our future generations. We hope this home will be:


A media centre for evangelization production
A cradle for forming lay missionaries
A platform that bridges the Catholic faith and the community
A place for lay Catholics to nurture and practice their charisms
A home to equip future extraordinary adventurers for God

God has invited FLL to take a big step forward – acquiring a permanent home! We know that it is not possible to achieve this dream on our own. We earnestly ask everyone to respond to God's invitation, become our partners through prayer and donations, and together, make this home for “extraordinary adventures” a reality.

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Why does FLL need a permanent home?

To support FLL's expanded vision, we require more than just an office; we need a suitable home with sufficient space for evangelization.
Over the past 18 years, to accommodate FLL's growth, we have undergone four moves, each consuming significant time and resources. Therefore, we must find a permanent home. Thanks be to God, we have found it!

Why buy instead of leasing a permanent home?

No need to raise funds for annual rental payments, and not affected by rent increases, making long-term budgeting easier.
Considering properties of similar type and size, approximately ten years' worth of rent is enough to purchase this property.
Owning the property brings long-term financial and developmental stability to FLL.

Get to know our future home:

Located at the intersection of Victoria Park and McNicoll, easily accessible by TTC.
Land area of 0.94 acres.
Two-story building with approximately 10,000 square feet on each floor, plus a half-basement, totaling 25,186 square feet.
48 parking spaces, with additional parking available nearby.

Five major advantages of the new location -
Maximized evangelization benefits:

1. Ample filming space, professional video and audio recording studios
To produce more high-quality and diverse Catholic audio-visual programs and live broadcasts.

2. An evangelization training centre for workshops, courses, and gatherings with a capacity of over 100.
To provide evangelization training, equipping believers to live out and share their faith in daily life.

3. Combine offices, filming studio, bookstore, and gathering spaces under one roof
A one-stop evangelization center: To provide faith formation, spiritual resources, evangelization/faith communities, service opportunities, etc.

4. Conveniently located, easily accessible by car and public transit for volunteers and members of the community
To become a door to the Catholic faith and a bridge for evangelization.

5. Equipped with sufficient space for future growth
To ensure the continuity of FLL's evangelization mission, nurturing successors to continue the global evangelization movement.

Are you willing to contribute your five loaves and two fishes?

Unlike parishes that need to build a church, FLL cannot borrow from the archdiocese and pay back over several years. We must fully pay the property's price on the closing date (September 27). Therefore, we appeal to our supporters to make extraordinary and generous contributions to this historic project, allowing us to reach our fundraising goal as soon as possible.

Donation Instructions:

Please support the "New Page Capital Campaign" by September 13, 2023, using the following methods (donors will receive a Canadian tax receipt):

Donation Details

For more information:

Phone: +1 905-707-7800 press 0
Email: [email protected]
For detailed donation methods, please visit

Financial Needs for the New Site and Donation Details

Funds Needed:

8 million

Current Funds Raised:

3 million (as of mid-July)

Remaining Funds to be Raised:

5 million (by mid-September)

We hope that 500 families or individuals will donate $10,000 each to make God's dream of evangelizing Chinese around the world through FLL come true.

Donors of $10,000 or more will have their names displayed on the Donor Wall in the new home.

New Home Opening Schedule

September 2023

Achieve the fundraising goal and successfully acquire the property

October 2023

Begin using the second-floor office

4th Quarter of 2023


1st Quarter of 2024

Opening of the book store and meeting space

2nd Quarter of 2024

Grand opening

God loves a cheerful giver

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8) 

New Site Space Planning and Development Direction


Outreach and Evangelization Culture Promotion Area

Objective: Live out the spirit of Christ through charitable work, raise awareness among Catholics about social issues, provide opportunities for non-Catholics to encounter the Catholic faith, and support community needs.


1. Hotline service
2. Support for new immigrants
3. Collection of food and supplies donations
4. Movie screenings, mini concerts, art exhibitions

Evangelization Work and Development Center


Objective: To inspire creativity and capacity development in evangelization and provide internship opportunities for those aspiring to be full-time evangelists.


1. Space for evangelization work
2. Space for evangelization teams’ interaction and collaboration

Multimedia Production and Live Broadcasting Center


Objective: To provide a suitable space and equipment for higher-quality and more efficient evangelization productions and live broadcasting.


1. Video recording, audio recording, post-production facilities
2. Live broadcasting (including on-site audience)

Evangelization Community Formation and Support Center


Objective: To provide formation for Catholics and create an environment for dialogue and faith-sharing, fostering relationships and building a sense of community.


1. Lectures, workshops, long and short-term courses
2. Staff and volunteer training, Joyful Fishers Course practicum, youth formation, evangelization leadership training, couples and family formation
Prayer meetings, retreats

The new home will also feature the following important spaces or facilities:


1. Chapel and prayer space (liturgies, prayer, and spiritual activities)
2. Book store (selling books, religious statues, and gifts)
3. Café and reading area
4. Youth and community-building space (band room, ping pong table)
5. Spaces for partners supporting the mission of FLL (e.g., evangelization Cantonese opera class and other interest classes, charity sales, etc.)


Donation Details


Phone:+1 905-707-7800 press 0

Email:[email protected]

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